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Specialized Tourist Guides

Tourist Guides specialist department are dedicated to presenting a broad, positive, reliable fresh and interesting information about the climate of tourism, investment and business in each city.

Born of the need for employers to advertise and market its attractions, offering orderly hotels, restaurants, transportation, convenience stores and specialized services such as ecotourism, agritourism, beaches, etc..

Sectors of Scope

Tourism Sector

Principals hotels, restaurants, turicentros, car rental agencies, Tour operators, official institutions and private sector tourism, bus lines, luxury, airlines, tourist towns, trade fairs in Central America, USA and Europe.

Business Sector

Exporting companies to the region, promotion of integration, investment and export institutions, governmental institutions in the region. Business leaders from the region in telecommunications.

Cultural Sector

Libraries, art galleries, museums, fairs, and festivals.

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As value-added develops each of the guides in a modern portal, where advertisers will have exposure of mark and links to your emails.